Hands-On Distance Marine Science Lessons

9:40 AM
Aug 11
Offered by:
  • 1 Plan: 3 Falls
  • Downeast Institute
  • Colleen Haskell, Director of Education
  • Lynn Alley, Science Teacher
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  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Audience: Pre K - High School Educators

Min/Max: 1 - 50

Pre-session work: If possible, gather as many of the materials as possible from each of the lessons linked below.

Description: We will be presenting two of our Distance Lessons that you have access to. We will model how to present lessons to students with attendees. After this session, teachers will have access to the lessons, including materials and support from  Lynn and Colleen throughout the school year.  We will focus on the need to have hands-on lessons to reach students who may or may not have access to technology for their lessons. We will show how  these lessons can be adapted to the age level.