Organization Highlight: Waterville Creates!

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Increasing Access to Visual Arts Education in Maine

Waterville Creates! works hard to bring visual arts educational resources to families in the Waterville area, and now to all of Maine.

An Interview with Shannon Haines, President and CEO of Waterville Creates!

Who does Waterville Creates! offer programs and resources to?

Waterville Creates! offers programming and resources for families in the Waterville area but are currently offering online resources for all of Maine.

What topics do the Waterville Creates educational resources cover?

We offer free art kits and creative, visual arts instruction that address artistic expression, creativity, painting, drawing, crafts, film and theater.

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What educational opportunities will you be offering for the upcoming school year?

Through our Art Kits for All program, which is a partnership with the Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville Public Schools, Kennebec Montessori School, and the Family Violence Project, we are distributing free art supplies and activities in conjunction with food distribution programs and other established networks.  We will continue to offer Art Kits for All as well as virtual arts instruction through our Common Street Arts Facebook page.

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How has COVID-19 changed the Waterville Creates! programming?

Because the primary goal of our organization has been to bring people together in celebration of the arts and creativity, COVID-19 has challenged us to be innovative in developing virtual and alternative programs that we can safely and regularly deliver to families to encourage creative expression and artistic exploration.

What do you love about your organization?

We work every day to inspire, educate, and entertain our community through the arts - I love that we can provide a little spark of creativity and joy during these challenging times.

What do you wish more people knew about  the amazing work that Waterville Creates! does?

We are focused on accessibility for all (regardless of age, income, ability) to outstanding arts opportunities that range from film to theater to visual arts and more. The Waterville Opera House, Maine Film Center (including Railroad Square Cinema and the Maine International Film Festival), and Common Street Arts are all part of Waterville Creates!

How has Community Learning for ME helped Waterville Creates! ?

It allows us to reach people who might not know about our organization and to be part of a larger network. It is also inspiring to see all of the other activities that are available.

Current offerings by Waterville Creates!

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