Organization Highlight: Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine

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Fighting for Equality in Maine through Education and Professional Development

The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine promotes universal respect for human rights through outreach and education. Using the lessons of the Holocaust and other events past and present we encourage individuals and communities to reflect and act upon their moral responsibilities to confront prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

An Interview with David Greenham, Executive Director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine (HHRC)

Who does HHRC offer programs and resources to?

HHRC offers educational programming statewide for Maine teachers, students, families and community organizations.

What topics do the HHRC educational resources cover?

HHRC programs educate Mainers about  the Holocaust, civil rights, bias, racism and immigration in Maine. The HHRC presents exhibits from our homes, the Michael Klahr Center at the University of Maine at Augusta, and we'll be working to have on-line exhibits during 2021.

What educational opportunities will you be offering for the upcoming school year?

All of our programs will be available for this coming school year. We also currently craft programs that suit the specific needs of teachers and will be increasing our capacity to do so.

How has COVID-19 changed HHRC's programming?

Due to COVID-19 everything is shifting to virtual availability. It has decreased our audience in the short term, but will greatly increase our audience and reach in the long term.

What do you love about your organization?

In these challenging times, we're working on important and challenging topics and getting people to discuss issues that far too often have been put aside to discuss things that are a little easier to discuss. But we're confident that you'll find when you really dig into to the topics that are on people's minds, engagement is high and inspirational.

What do you wish more people knew about  the amazing work that HHRC does?

All of our programs are FREE!

How has Community Learning for ME helped HHRC?

The CL4ME project helps to get the word out and that's really valuable in these times where educators and students can feel very isolated. There are many groups and individuals out there who want to help.

Current offerings by the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine

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