Universe Explorers of Maine Astronomy Club

8:30 PM
Offered by:
  • Versant Power Astronomy Center
Required, Regitster on their website, Click here to register
  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8
  • High School
  • Whole Family

Weekly Online star Parties – Fridays at 8:30 pm

Versant Power Astronomy Center has joined the International Planetarium Society network to start an online astronomy club utilizing SLOOH.  The SLOOH platform provides the tools of eight online telescopes located in the Canary Islands and Chile, communal exploration of the universe with club members, and gamified, guided learning through exploration quests and gravity points.  It is supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Universe Explorers of Maine online astronomy club will offer its members the ability to explore space from home using SLOOH.  Club members will have opportunities to take astronomical images, share observations, go on exploration quests, and participate in online star parties with experts in the astronomy field.

Take your own images of the Moon, planets, comets, and numerous deep sky objects!  Share your observations with others, and have the opportunity to contribute to citizen science discoveries in astronomy!

Memberships start at $50 per member, and half of the membership fee supports Emera Astronomy Center.