Reimagining Education Conversation Series

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CL4ME Design Team Presents

Structured, collaborative practices to discuss opportunities to reimagine education in Maine

While many individuals and families are struggling to manage the logistics of COVID-19 for our children and students, the pandemic has also revealed the problems and inequities of our current education systems. How might we capitalize on the opportunities for systemic change that now exist? What are the new partnerships, structures, expectations and outcomes we could explore during and after the time of COVID-19? All are welcome to participate.

Upcoming Conversations

Past Conversations

May 2021

What's on your mind?

Our session opened with an origami activity asking, "What goes?"  "What carries forward?"

Discussion about what's on our minds focused around systems change, specifically in assessment systems.

March 2021

Examining the construct of school as the heart of the community

Opening Activity: Watch Part Of Cat Biddle's presentation (9:57-12:40 about the heart)

Question Storm: What questions do we have about the construct?

February 2021

The Relationship Between School and Community

Opening Activity: 4 Stories We Tell About Rural Schools by Dr. Catherine Biddle of the University of Maine

Discussion Questions:

How can the community support the school?

How can the school support the community?

January 2021

Imagining the Future

Opening activity:  Visual Thinking Strategy


During this time we’ll be participating in a highly modified and condensed futures protocol. We’ll be describing a ‘school’ where students have significant control over their learning- both content and process.

We’ll be looking into the future- imagining that we have created this ‘school’. (be careful- the word school is loaded- it suggests a physical structure and lots of other systems of teaching and learning) and describing the school.

December 2020

Whole Community Engagement:  Whose role is it to teach our students?

Opening Activity:  Speed Chatting: Describe the who, how and where of something you learned.

Discussion Questions:

What have we learned about the expectations of teachers, parents, students and communities during COVID?

Have you found new ways to share the load or partner?

What new learning do we want to name and work on?

November 2020

The Purpose of Education: What do students actually need to know in order to be successful?

Opening Activity: Fishbowl with 4 students talking about the purpose of school

Discussion Questions:

What do students skills and knowledge do young people need to be healthy, happy and successful?

How do schools create opportunities to practice these skills and knowledge?

What are  schools missing?

October 2020

Opportunities of COVID:  Will COVID-19 be the opportunity we need to reimagine education?

Opening Activity: Visual Thinking Strategy-- What do we notice?

Discussion Questions:

What are the values that have been buried under logistics before and during COVID?

What do you want to talk about in education right now?

What’s important to you? What ideas do you have?