Organization Highlight: Jack Pine Project


Bringing the arts and art therapy to Maine students, families and teachers

The Jack Pine Project is a product of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides participants with the opportunity to process their experiences through art therapy.  Participants can sign up for a variety of workshops based on their specific art interests.

An Interview with Kreg Ettenger, Coordinator for the Jack Pine Project

How did the Jack Pine Project Arise?

The pandemic is the reason for the creation of the Jack Pine Project. The project is a collaboration of the Maine Folklife Center and Maine Studies Program at the University of Maine, and the UMaine Hutchinson Center in Belfast.

What is the Jack Pine Project and what can participants expect from the workshops?

The Jack Pine Project is a community arts project involving artists and arts educators who teach Maine residents to express their feelings and concerns about the coronavirus pandemic through the creative arts.  Participants learn about the arts, arts education, and art therapy.

Our project seeks to document the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on educators and others around the State of Maine. The Maine Folklife Center and Maine Studies Program at the University of Maine offer research, education, training and other assistance to communities and residents.

Who can participate in the Jack Pine Project?

The Jack Pine Project is great for students, educators and families.

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What educational opportunities will you be offering for the upcoming school year?

Workshops are underway and several still have room for participants.  We will be offering a workshop or two during the coming November Wellness Wednesday series through Community Learning for ME.

The fifth installment of our series "Framing Maine: Conversations with Storytellers and Image Makers from the Pine Tree State," will be held in the spring of 2021 and will showcase the art, music and stories of the Jack Pine Project.

A variety of courses at the University of Maine are available to UMaine students and to non-matriculated students through the Division of Lifelong Learning. Our master's degree in Maine Studies is offered as part of the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies by the UMaine Graduate School.

What do you love about the project?

Working with the residents of Maine through various projects and initiatives, including the Jack Pine Project.

How has Community Learning for ME helped the Jack Pine Project?

Allowed us to reach more educators about our project.

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What do you wish more people knew about the Jack Pine Project?

We are still accepting proposals for new workshops as part of the Jack Pine Project. Artists and art educators can find more information on our website.

Pictured: Mind Map created by workshop participant.