November Wellness Wednesdays for Educators

Wellness Wednesdays

Thank you to our presenters and the educators that participated in workshops!

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Check out this Article:

Wellbeing education for educators

Jason Hinze, Darren Morton

"Alarmingly, numerous reports indicate that teachers suffer significant challenges to their wellbeing with up to 30% being affected by burnout and psychological distress (Milatz, Luftenegger, & Schober, 2015), resulting in up to 40% of teachers leaving the profession in under five years of service (Acton & Glasgow, 2015)."


Check out this article:

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers

Emily Boudreau, December 3, 2019

"Why it's important for teachers — and their schools — to create space to acknowledge and respond to the stress of the job."


Check out this article:

Promoting Stress Management and Wellbeing in Educators:Feasibility and Efficacy of a School-Based Yoga and Mindfulness Intervention

Alexis R. Harris, Patricia A. Jennings, Deirdre A. Katz, Rachel M. Abenavoli, Mark T. Greenberg

"...a brief practice format can be feasible and impactful."