Toxic Chemicals and Our Children's Developing Brains

1:00 PM
Jun 24
Offered by:
  • G.E.A.R. Parent Network
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  • Parents/Guardians

Why is environmental health so important? Consider the following information: Twelve million American children or 17 percent of all Americans under the
age of 18 have one or more developmental, learning or behavioral disabilities; more than 1.5 million Americans are autistic. In the 1970s, autism was
estimated to have affected about 1 in 2,500 to 5,000 children and today it is 1 in 54; 127,000 adults and children in Maine are identified as having learning
disabilities; and 37 percent of the children receiving special education services in our public schools have learning or attention disabilities. Learn why it is important to protect your family from toxic chemical exposures.