Teaching Elie Wiesel’s "Night" (Facing History And Ourselves)

9:00 AM
Aug 10
Offered by:
  • Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine
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  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Teaching Eli Wiesel's "Night"

A two-week course including 12 contact hours for recertification.

Dates: Two-hour sessions on Monday, August 10th; Wednesday, August 12th; Friday, August 14th; Monday, August 17th; Wednesday, August 19th; Friday, August 21st. from 9am-11am each day. (While we encourage participants to join us live so that we can have great discussions, all sessions will be recorded, so if you have a conflict for one or two sessions, you'll be able to catch up prior to the next session.)

Who should attend: Current or pre-service 6-12 ELA/English and Social Studies/History teachers.


Teaching “Night” interweaves a literary analysis of Elie Wiesel’s powerful and poignant memoir with an exploration of the relevant historical context surrounding his experience during the Holocaust.

Drawing on videos, historical photographs, and a wide range of primary and secondary sources this workshop will provide tools to help your students develop a nuanced understanding of this complex and disturbing period of history, including Wiesel’s time in Auschwitz.

Facing History’s award-winning scope and sequence method encourages students to revisit the central questions that ask: How is our identity shaped and reshaped by the circumstances we encounter? How do tragedy and trauma influence an individual’s identity and choices? Using this framework to explore the memoir, students will build literacy and historical-analysis skills, while also fostering critical social-emotional competencies like empathy and perspective-taking.

Who should attend: Current or pre-service K-12 ELA/English and Social Studies/History teachers.