Reimagining Education Conversation Oct 21

7:00 PM
Oct 21
Offered by:
  • Community Learning for ME
  • Community Learning for Maine Design Team
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  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

CL4ME presents structured, collaborative practices to discuss opportunities to reimagine education in Maine.

While many individuals and families are struggling to manage the logistics of COVID-19 for our children and students, the pandemic has also revealed the problems and inequities of our current education systems. How might we capitalize on the opportunities for systemic change that now exist? What are the new partnerships, structures, expectations and outcomes we could explore during and after the time of COVID-19?

All are welcome to participate: educators, students, parents/guardians, community partners....

Oct 21: Will COVID-19 be the opportunity to reimagine education?

Nov 19: What do students actually need to know in order to be successful?

Dec 9: Whose role is it to teach our students?