Ranger-Led Distance Learning Programs

Offered by:
  • Acadia National Park
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  • PreK-Grade 4
  • Grades 5-8
  • High School

Grades K-2: Adaptation Olympics

Grades K-3: What do you Notice Videos?

Grades K-3: Wonderful Birds

Grades 2-4: Shoreline Discovery

Grades 3-4: What Do Rangers Do?

Grades 3-4: Junior Ranger Awards Ceremony

Grades 4-5: Sedimentary Sleuths

Grades 4-6: The World of Birds

Grades 3-6: Amazing Animal Adaptations

Grades 3-12: Overview of Acadia Slideshow

Grades 4-6: Habitats of Acadia

Grades 4-8: Mystery Parks, Geography Sleuths

Grades 4-8: Carroll Homestead

Grades 5-6: Pond Ecology/Citizen Scientists at Work

Grades 6-8: Geology: A Story Written in the Landscape

Grades 6-8: Tracking Acadia’s Seasons – Climate Change & Phenology

Grades 6-8: Weather Wonders

Grades 6-8: Between the Tides

Grades 6-8: Marine Chemistry

Grades 7-8: Physics in Nature! Light, Water, & Sound Waves in Action

Grade 8: Floating Classroom