Phenology Projects to Meet Standards and Support Well-being

Offered by:
  • 1 Plan: 3 Falls
  • Maine Outdoor School
  • Hazel Stark, Maine Outdoor School Educator
None required
  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Audience: Any K-12 educator, modifications for each grade level will be given

Min/Max: 3 - Any

Description: Phenology is the study of the seasonal patterns in nature, such as when the first peepers start singing or turkey vultures return. Spending time observing these changes outdoors not only supports mental health, but also easily ties into science, math, and language arts standards. In this workshop, participants will learn about the important mental health and academic benefits of spending time outdoors and leave prepared with several phenology projects they can do with students--whether students are in their own backyards or in the schoolyard. Participants will receive access to phenology journal templates and other resources that will help them know what to look for throughout the seasons.