Mathematical Modeling for Grades 6-12 (Aug 4-6)

9:00 AM
Aug 4
Offered by:
  • Maine Math and Science Alliance
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  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Looking for ways to bring mathematics to life for your students? Math modeling, one of the Standards for Mathematical Practice, bridges classroom learning and everyday life. Math modeling involves using grade-level concepts like statistics, functions, and geometry to make real-world choices and predictions such as purchasing airline tickets, predicting energy costs, analyzing the stopping distance of a car, and more. In this pathway, educators will explore strategies for empowering students in authentic problem-solving within their existing curriculum.

This series will begin with an engaging summer institute. Educators will dive into the learning and experience the research-based process for mathematical modeling. As the school year begins, educators will continue to explore these topics while applying new understandings to their classrooms and reflecting on successes and challenges with their cohort.