Hip Hop Dance with Dezirae Zaman

4:00 PM
Offered by:
  • Summer Festival of the Arts
  • Dezirae Zaman
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  • Grades 5-8
  • High School

Have fun and get yourself moving with an hour long dance class based around the style of hip hop. You will walk away from this class with a small dance combination to show those at home. The focus will be on fun for all levels.

Materials needed: A large enough space and suitable clothing for significant movement.

About the teaching artist: Dezirae Zaman is among the MDI High School graduating class of 2020 with many years experience in performing arts including dance, drama, show choir, choreography and makeup design. Originally a camper at SFOA from age 8 to 14 followed by one year as apprentice and two years as assistant teacher, she is excited to be returning to SFOA as a teacher for the 2020 season.