Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: 2 Day Virtual Training

9:40 AM
Sep 17
Offered by:
  • Lives in the Balance
  • Dr. Ross Greene, PhD
Required, Register for one ($105.03) or two days ($168.07), Click here to register
  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

This is the empirically supported model Dr. Ross Greene describes in his influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. The CPS model has transformed thinking and practices in countless families, schools, inpatient psychiatry units, and residential and juvenile detention facilities throughout the world, and has been associated with dramatic reductions in adult-child conflict, challenging behaviors, disciplinary referrals, detentions, suspensions, restraints, and seclusions. The model represents a significant departure from discipline-as-usual: it focuses on solving problems rather than on modifying behavior, emphasizes collaborative rather than unilateral solutions, encourages proactive rather than reactive intervention, de-emphasizes diagnostic categories, and provides practical, research-based tools for assessment and intervention.

In this webinar, Dr. Greene will provide an overview of the CPS model, along with more advanced coverage of the nuances of assessment and engaging kids in solving the problems that affect their lives. But you don't have to participate in both days. On Day One, Dr. Greene will provide a general overview of the CPS model, including key themes, use of assessment instrumentation, and solving problems collaboratively. On Day Two he will dive deeper into various facets of the model with extensive use of video examples and ample time for questions and discussion. So if you've already attended an introductory training with Dr. Greene, you may just want to sign up for the second day. If you're only interested in an introduction to the CPS model, just sign up for the first day. And if you want both, sign up for both days.

Registration for this training closes at 6 pm ET on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.