Building Community through Outdoor Activities: Teenagers

Offered by:
  • 1 Plan: 3 Falls
  • Teens to Trails
  • Alicia Heyburn, Executive Director
  • Jeanne Christie, Outreach Program Manager
  • Mike Smith, Executive Director Outdoor Sports Initiative
  • Jenny Crowley, Casco Bay High School
  • and others!
None required
  • Teachers
  • Other Educators

Audience: High School educators and others that are involved with supporting social and emotional learning in the outdoors (no prior experience necessary)

Min/Max: 1 - 15 (willing to go up to 20)

Pre-session work:  Outdoors for All document is a useful framework to review

Description: Maine’s Framework for Returning to Classroom Instruction prioritizes Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health over academic programs. Outdoor activities are a great way to address SEL core competencies while increasing self-esteem, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. This session highlights the benefits of spending time outdoors and offers a series of social distance compliant outdoor activities that build self-awareness, decision-making skills, and re-build community. Classroom teachers will share their favorite activities, outing club leaders will talk about the benefits of co-curricular outdoor time, and we will give you a tool to do an inventory of outdoor spaces that can be used as learning spaces on the school campus. Content from this session will be expanded upon in a full day in-person Outdoor Leadership Conference September 25th in Winthrop, ME

Cost of Session: Free